Sparkify is a fake music streaming service invented by Udacity. Here users can listen to music for free (with ads between songs) or for a flat fee. Users can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel the service. My task is to predict the user who is going to leave in order to offer him a discount before canceling the subscription.

Check my GitHub for details:


My goal in this project was to create a binary classifier based on templates obtained from their past activities and interaction with the Sparkify service, which defines users who want to сhurn the service before they…

Airbnb Data Analysis in San Francisco

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San Francisco is a great city for tourism. There are beautiful historic buildings in the Downtown, wonderful walks in the Marina and Pacific Heights, huge Golden Gates Park, and tons of entertainment. For many tourists, Airbnb is the best travel companion to book accommodation at a piece rate.

This was the case before COVID.

What about now? How have prices and business for Airbnb changed since the beginning of COVID and up to October? Whether it is worth to go to San Francisco or start an Airbnb business here?

Data Understanding

All the data we are interested in can be found on…

This project is a part of the “Capstone Project” of Coursera — “IBM Applied Data Science Capstone Course”. I tried to write as clear as possible for beginner data scientists. You can check my Jupiter Notebook on GitHub or ask questions in the comments.

Photo by Kyle Mills on Unsplash


San Francisco is a very vibrant city with a lot of neighborhoods, each with own character. Some neighborhoods are quiet and cozy, has convenient store locations, while others offer a lot of fun and nightlife activities. …

Victory Sharaf

Data Scientist

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